Monday, October 6, 2008


Ok so the big rage right now is the twilight series and i couldn't figure out what the big deal was.My friend told me about it and how she couldn't put it down and my dad read them in like a day, Which was weird to me.So i decided to follow the crowd this time and partake in this huge ordeal. Wow i can't put the book down I hate reading but the author is so amazing. At first i was like i hope it get's better in a way but alos the detail in her book is so amazing, you just keep on going and it just gets better and better. So i am hoping to finish the first one i the next day or so then start the next on yeah i hope i can get them all done by the time the movie comes out. I thought every one was silly when they talked about this book but my mind has been changed for me.

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kgoody said...

Ya!! Im so glad we went out last weekend. I had so much fun with you guys! You guys are so amazing and are so strong. Im glad you started reading twilight. Its fun to have something to look forward to.