Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

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Skiler went with his other dad this year it was real hard on all of us. We didn't get a family pic but i did get a few pics of him at school. the other two had fun even though they missed there brother.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am....

I'm a Alice! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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I loved the books i got so lost with them. Wow they were awesome. I want to be upart of the cullens family now edward can turn me into a vampire any day.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Ok so the big rage right now is the twilight series and i couldn't figure out what the big deal was.My friend told me about it and how she couldn't put it down and my dad read them in like a day, Which was weird to me.So i decided to follow the crowd this time and partake in this huge ordeal. Wow i can't put the book down I hate reading but the author is so amazing. At first i was like i hope it get's better in a way but alos the detail in her book is so amazing, you just keep on going and it just gets better and better. So i am hoping to finish the first one i the next day or so then start the next on yeah i hope i can get them all done by the time the movie comes out. I thought every one was silly when they talked about this book but my mind has been changed for me.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

another tooth gone.

Wow her teeth are falling like crazy. I was excited for this tooth to fall out because this was the tooth that got shoved back into the socket when she was one so it was a little crooked. so now it is gone and hopefully the permanent tooth is going to be ok

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another week of football

Skiler is having a blast in football. He just got moved from guard to center he was so excited he has lost a total of six pounds during the season. We love going to the games every saturday and cheer him on. His team works really hard and they are so cute to watch little third graders. I can't wait for the season to end though because It is alot of work on the kids witch is good but the tempers do fly around lately. He works hard and get

Shandelles morning surprise!

We'll this moring was interesting. Shaun was the first to wake up like always and i told him to go get his brother and sis up. all the sudden i herd yelling and shaun comes running in my room i thought he was telling me there was a bug in her room then it sounded like a he was saying a flood. then i got it. There was a frog in shandelles room hoping around, Big brother to the rescue jumped out of his bed and caught the frog it was a little one. She was so scared she was crying and shaking. It was kinda funny her face was white as a ghost. So that's how are morning started what a way to be woken up.

Monday, September 22, 2008

One night in vegas

We went to vegas for one night adams mom and dad got us a free room at paris it was so much fun. I played the penny slots and won 150.oo it was awesome i won that at montecalro. then we went back to newyork newyork. and played with adams parents it was so much fun adam's mom kept on getting bonus rounds it was a blast the view from our room was incredible it was right infront of the ifle tower. You could see the belagio show from are room you could even here the music. It was so nice to get away for the night.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Skilers football season

Skiler started his first season of football this year with youth football. I love there program skiler is growing so much in just the few weeks he has been practising his self confidence is up really high. He had his first game on the 6th of this month there team one they played against desert hills.I am so glad he loves it i was worried at first but he took to it well. His team is the Pinview Panthers it is so much fun to watch there game it's just abunch of 3rd graders on the field it's awesome and those boys can tackle. He also has an amazing set of coaches that work with the boys 3 times a week for an hour and a half.

Friday, August 29, 2008

She lost another one

On friday Shandelle lost another tooth that makes three. Her Fourth front tooth is loose also it won't be long before that one is gone. She will be singing all i want for christmas is my two front teeth.

Dressing up shaun

On sunday i was watching my boss's daughter alli the kids love it when she comes over. When she got her Shandelle and her starting dressing up shaun they not only put him in princess desses they also assecorized him. They gave him capes put bows in his hair put bows on the dresses and may hats out of her ariel vanity blow dryer. Shaun didn't care he had fun.
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Monday, August 18, 2008


Are animals are not your average pets, there more like my 4th and 5th children. This morning we woke up and shandelle called me in her room and Buddy are cat was sitting in her baby crib she went in it by herself she is the funniest cat when she sleeps she will sleep in the sink in my bathroom. She has to sleep with us at night and is house trained. she is the funniest cat ever.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First day of School!

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The kids were so excited to start school. They were so hiper yesterday and were bouncing off the walls they were ready to go at 7:30 this morning school didn't start untill 9. i am nervous to send shandelle off but she will be fine.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My 26 birthday

i forgot to blog this any way the girls took me out for my b-day on the 5th we went to ruby river my favorite restraunt then we went and saw mama mia i had so much. (I liked it so much i added the songs to my playlist. yes i am silly oh well.)Thanks girls. The next day on my birthday we went out to my mom's house she made me dinner and my mom dad and hubby bought me a new bike a kid cart pully thing to put on the back of the bike so i can tow the kids yeah!! I have been wanting one for so long. My hubby picked out the cake he did a good job loved it, it's so me.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

washington county fair

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We went the washington county fair and had a blast. the kids had a good time we went with my parents. The fair is always a last summer thing before school. i can't believe school starts so soon this summer flew by.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shandelle's hair do.

Today shandelle wanted me to do her hair in her new curlers i bought for her. She wanted her hair to be beautifull. she had so much fun with me doing her hair she kept on saying that she had a crown on when the rollers were in her hair. so now she is getting more excited for school because now i can do her hair with her rollers.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

washington community center

After we took adam to the hospital we took the kids back to the rec center and watched them play they had a blast we took my boss daughter with us and ran into some friends at the pool dawson and jocelyn. shaun enjoyed playing on the water pad more this time than the pool.
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adam's first time having stitches

Normally it's the children or me that we run to the ER but today we were at the rec center and adam and shaun were going down the big slide and when they came down they got sucked in the current and shaun's head hit adam's it was a pretty good cut adam didn't even know he was hurt untill skiler came down the slide and was like dad your bleeding. So are swimming trip was cut short we were only there for 10 minutes before it happened.I ran him to the ER and he had 4 stiches put in. I thought this was funny he is 36 and never had them before.He jinxed himself telling people last week he never had stitches or a broken bone. I am scared, he better not break a bone, j/k

Friday, August 1, 2008

I want to go to school

This morning shaun was up very early. He told us i am getting ready for school and bugged us for everything where's my shirt where's my clothes where's my underwear. Then he packed him self a lunch while he was still naked and came in and said ok i'm ready to go. he is so funny he want's to go to school but i don't have the heart to tell him he has another 2 years to go he is going to be so sad that he is not going to school in a week when the other to go.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Kool-aid play-doh

Today i thought we would have fun so we made kool-aid play-doh. The kids had so much fun and it was easy the kids helped make it then we played with it the play-doh was better than store bought. it smelled like salty flavored kool-aid it was fun.
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Hannah Montana on t.v.

The best of both worlds concert was on t.v. on saturday the kids have been waiting 3 weeks for it to come on shandelle loves hannah montana and shaun loves the jonas brothers. skiler could care less any way they had a blast watching it in 3-D.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer day.

We had a blast in the morning we went to breakfest in the park then we met up with some of are friends for the parade shandelle had fun with lexie and calee (kristy's daughters) we also had chad with us. Skiler stayed at my moms house he said the parades are boring he is getting to that age when it's to cool to go to parades. the kids had snow cones after the parade it was a fun morning.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5 years with the man of my dreams

Adam and i met 5 years ago this month it has been the best journey of my life i love him so much and am so glad fate brought us together.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

yet another bad week

This week has been crappy yet again my wonderfull pain is back, yes i had my surgery to take care of this and it didn't work. i have been on the couch again. the thing that suck about this is that the doctors here have know idea what there doing instead of finding out whats wrong the just start taking parts out. my life has been good up untill this started all over again all i can do is look at the bright side of this and get over this hurdle too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Fourth

We had a blast on the fourth this was the first year that adam had it off. We went the park in St. George and played for a while. When we were there we were at a booth for youth football each child got to spin the wheel for 2 bucks a piece skiler won a toy shandelle won a T-shirt then shaun spun and won skiler free registration for youth football was a 160 dollar value so he is way excited to start the football season. After the park we went swiming. Later that night we went to the country showdown it was so much fun to hang out with my parents and are good freinds john and mindy the firework show was amazing. We were so close it was awesome. we were so tired but the kids still had enough energy to light are own fireworks of at eleven o clock it was fun.
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

crappy week

So this week has been really rough. i found out sunday that my Uncle John on my fathers side passed away. Three weeks ago my step sister on the same side of the family also passed away I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that i havn't seen that side of the family in a long time i keep in touch but it is still hard. i could't make it up to either of the funerals. My husband has had a busy week with pepsi So i have no one to really talk to (except for my few friends i have down here. I don't know trying to deal with life is hard for me at times.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are trip to San Diego

We had so much fun on vacation we were gone for eight days. We went to my inlaws house in San Diego we had a blast it was a week of excitment. To start off we just went swiming in there pool for a couple of days then monday we went to lego land it was great to see all three of the kids go on rides before shandelle and shaun were to small. on tuesday we went to the zoo that was so much fun seeing all the animals Shaun is in to Kung Fu Panda so of course he love the pandas as we were leaving he got a stuffed panda but he was picky he had to make sure it was the right one. on wednesday we just hung out again. On Thursday skiler adam and Grandpa bob went to the Padraes game Vs. the Dodgers it was a land slide Padraes won 9-0 Ski was so excited.We enjoyed are trip very much we got to see adams side of the family they are all in sandiego . We were so sad to leave the kids love to see adams parents we don't get to see them often. The one thing that did suck was i got sick the day we got there and it lasted till after we got home. I can't wait to go back and bring in the new year with them in december.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

princess lost her second tooth

Shandelle lost her second tooth.(before she even started kindergarden)

She lost her first tooth a few weeks after she was five. Today we were willing her second tooth and saw that her permanent tooth was already growing behind the baby tooth. So we pulled it out she was so excited that she said it tickeled. She is so funny. She will probably loose the top two this summer also they are already loose too.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial weekend

For memorial weekend my birth father came down from Salt lake (which i havn't seen in over 6 year). We went to Sand hollow resevior and had a blast. My uncle mike came down with his daughter mia and my sis kassie and her boyfried steven ( i havn't seen them in over 13 years). We went fishing and camping got rained on we all got fried by the sun. It was so nice being able to catch up with all of them. my dad hadn't seen my two youngest kids ever and only seen skiler like three times. Skiler caught his first fish and won twenty dollars for catching the first fish of the trip he was so excited. This was the first time we had taken the kids fishing it was so much fun watching there faces just light up. Life is to short to not have fun with the ones we love. I hope to keep in touch with all of my family on my dads side and just enjoy the time we have together